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Demcon Focal is specialized in design, engineering and assembly of bespoke opto-mechatronic systems, for high technological markets like semicon, bio-medical, life science, aerospace, industrial manufacturing and others. Demcon Focal is part of the Demcon group, an independent organization, with locations in The Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.

Demcon Focal achieves customized design and engineering (D&E) in a multidisciplinary approach, entailing optical, vision, data, electronic, software, mechanical and system engineering. Activities include high-level requirement engineering, concept optical design, prototyping, detailed engineering, system integration and manufacturing, assembly, integration and test activities.

Demcon Focal also performs specialized volume production that requires trained engineers, dedicated equipment and clean environment. We also offer system service and support in possible combination with Demcon Production, so we are open for high volume production of complex optical modules.


Our international team of experts and experienced professionals have a can-do mentality and a drive to make things work. We have specialists in machine vision, data science and optical system design. Together with the Demcon Group we have relevant expertise in material science, embedded systems, mechatronic design, cryogenics systems and quality systems.


Our solutions will fit to your needs and range from dedicated software algorithms to turnkey vision inspection modules; from optical systems design to fully operable prototypes. Solutions that can be integrated in your production or laboratory environment. Optical modules that you, as OEM-manufacturer, can integrate in your own product.


State-of-the-art technology in optics, lens system assembly, real-time computing methods, 2D and 3D inspection methods and artificial intelligence are embraced by us and applied in our solutions. We actively contribute to technology developments in joint research programs with other companies and research institutes, to guarantee our future value-add and innovation.


Having a respectable track record with OEM customers, lessons learned in various projects, having inventive counterparts; all will give future innovative projects a solid base. Besides this, Demcon actively participates in international networks and most departments are located on or near technical universities.

Member of EPICdspemikrocentrum

Over the years our competences and track record have developed in the following application areas:



As camera frame rates increase, true real-time vision controlled systems will become cost-effectively available. Visual inspection loops of 2D image computing at 1,000Hz will be reality. We design and implement FPGA-based vision-in-the-loop solutions for real-time, precision quality inspection in a control & feedback loop.

Artificial intelligence

Computation power is increasing rapidly and allows deep learning and neural network combinations for support tasks in recognition. Custom made neural networks with proper data pre-processing will have clear advantage above the more general neural networks without proper pre-processing. We design such custom made inspection algorithms based on our concepts. In our concepts the customer can create and train the network himself without having knowledge of deep learning or neural networks. We also use synthetic data to train our neural networks. This helps to overcome the limited available training data set and also it is useful when multiple defects have to be recognized.

Freeform optical components 

Finally, cost-effective aspheres, rotational invariant discontinuous surfaces, structured surfaces, arrays of lenses or pyramids can be introduced in optical systems since modelling, manufacturing and measuring freeform optics is maturing. This allows optical engineers more design freedom in the areas like semiconductor development, consumer electronics (HMD, mobile phone cameras, etc.), general lighting and automotive applications (LED) and medical e.g. personalized ophthalmology.

Optics assembly 

Accurate centering and tip tils of lenses in lens system is important to achieve the best optical quality. We have an in-house alignment tool that allows centering with 1 um and tip tilt accuracy of 50 µrad.

Surface measurements 

Surface measurements in sub-mm and sub-μ range for complex shape inspection tasks in industrial environment. Demcon Focal has realized metrology systems that use different optical measurement principles, like optical coherence topography, chromatic confocal methods, depth from shading, structured light, laser and led triangulation systems. These technologies are applied in height profile of MEMS chip structures, inline measurement in micro-machining systems, freeform lens measurement systems and surface irregularities inspection systems.

Though each project is unique, we have established working methods that ensure your project will be performed in phases ensuring minimization of risks and enabling success in implementation.


Although there are different approaches for turnkey vision systems and OEM-modules, we roughly take a similar staged approach:

  • 1. Intake     

    This phase is all about understanding your needs. Maybe you have already a brief description with images or drawings to explain your ideas. We will contact and visit you and collect examples of items that have to be automatically inspected or measured. We will have a brainstorm session to collect your input and ideas. After a first assessment, we will provide you with an outlook, scope and plan for the project.

  • 2. Feasibility     

    Several technical solutions and options will be evaluated, based on a more thorough intake and investigation. In cases requirements cannot fully be defined (made SMART), the feasibility phase will be used to identify the requirements. Suggested solutions for the concept design including budget estimates will emerge from this phase. For OEM modules we provide an overview and trade-off of concept solutions and expected performance.

  • 3. Prototyping

    In this stage you have given the “GO” for detailed design and engineering work and we will define, purchase and have components produced that will constitute the optical module. We will choose and implement the most rigid optical imaging, illumination and/or vision algorithm strategy and work towards an integrated module. Your use-case or user flow definitions will be implemented. For OEM manufacturers we provide detailed design and test documentation accompanied with a performance analysis.

  • 4. Manufacturing

    In this stage, we will integrate the module in your environment and establish connections with any mechanisation or mechatronics present, and interface with quality or monitoring systems. For OEM-customers, we will perform the qualification of the module and provide the means for integration of the OEM-module in your product.

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