About the project

Creating state-of-the-art custom optics involves close collaboration between optical, opto-mechanical and mechanical engineering disciplines to design a lens system that meets its requirements. Besides theoretical expertise and powerful simulation software to test tolerances of a design, intimate knowledge of assembly equipment and its possibilities are needed to realize a prototype. Demcon Focal not only has all the theoretical expertise under one roof, it also has the facilities and practical assembly experience to deliver your lens system.

For various customers Demcon Focal has assembled and aligned optics, such as:

  • F-theta lens with a long working distance
  • Focusing lens with a Strehl ratio > 0,95
  • Lens systems for various microscopic applications
  • Lenses for lighting applications

Project specifications

  • Alignment of optics to diameter of 100 mm
  • Stacks up to 20 lenses or more
  • Use of various assembly techniques such as individual lens-cells.
  • Decentering accuracy < 1 μm
  • Tip/tilts < 5 arcseconds
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