About the project

Manufacturing of freeform optical lenses and mirrors cannot be done without a proper measurement system. The Nanomefos design has, due to an ingenious mechatronic design, a state-of-the-art solution for measuring freeform optics. It is a contactless and high-speed metrology system with interferometer accuracy and with coordinate measuring machine versatility.

Demcon Focal is a specialist in all relevant disciplines, like metrology, optics, mechatronics and data analysis, has modernized and industrialized the Nanomefos, resulting into the NMF600 S.

In a relative short time a redesign of the TNO prototype has been made including the software. The focus was on the cost price, reliability, design for manufacturing and user convenience.

For this project, we collaborated with Dutch United Instruments.

Typical specifications that have been achieved

  • Uncertainty < 15 nm
  • Volume Ø 600 mm x 125 mm
  • Flat to freeform
  • Convex to concave
  • Probe with 5 mm range
  • Acceptance angle of 7°
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