About the project

Demcon Focal has an extended supply chain to serve you for nearly every lens challenge. From standard glass optics to
customized prims, filters or diamond turned mirrors, we can source all kinds of optical components to find a solution for your problem. Besides standard optical grade lenses, we also have access to aspherical polymer lenses, off-axis parabolic mirrors and customized coatings.

The engineers at Demcon Focal have a proven track record of designing innovative solutions to meet customers’ requirements. Furthermore, Demcon Focal’s prototyping process is streamlined for speed, selecting only reliable suppliers who are capable of contributing their own expertise to a given solution.

Project specifications

  • Lenses and plano windows from up to 2 to 150 mm in materials from Schott, Ohara, Corning, Hoya
  • Doublets and triplets, round, square, rectangular, etc.
  • Prisms, cylinders
  • Diamond turned mirrors, diameters up to 300 mm, Ra < 6 nm in Alu, Cu, RSA, brass and other non ferro material
  • Thermal lenses in silicon and germanium
  • Polymer lenses in Zeonex, OKP, APL, PMMA, PC
  • Diffractives, Fresnels, off-axis parabolic, aspherical
  • Various AR and Reflective coatings
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