About the project

Fuel cells are a promising technology for alternative energy supply of mobile and stationary applications. Because of their high system-complexity, small changes in materials, manufacturing processes or assembly can lead to significant changes in performance and lifetime. Hence, the need for accurate quality control concepts is of high importance for securing reliable products and for economic production of high values. Demcon Focal has developed within an Interreg-Rocket project a cost effective bipolar plate inspection system for proton exchange membrane (PEM) based plates, to allow 100% in-line inspection. We combine our optics and vision know-how to optimize the triangulation measurement method for these low reflective surfaces.

Typical specifications that have been achieved

  • 100% inspection of bipolar plate:
    • Thickness
    • Warpage
    • Dimensions
  • Inspection time: 30 seconds
  • Repeatability: 5 μm
  • Accuracy: 1 μm
  • Surface: 20 x 25 cm2
  • Range: 5 mm


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